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Results 2023

GARDINERS RUN - Monday 4 September 2023

On the first fine and sunny Monday in September, 48 members played at the very scenic Gardiners Run course. The holes varied considerably and were quite a challenge. At no time were we threatened with the forecast rain; only a few damp areas were encountered on the course. The game was followed up with a fantastic lunch and great camaraderie.


Gayle Quinn & Debra Sal (Glen Waverley) with 48pts

Runners Up:

Liza Ollaik (Eastern) and Elizabeth Peers (Malvern Park) - 47pts

DTL#1 – Debra Powell and Petula Dunn (Centenary Park) - 46pts

DTL#2 – Annette Tanner and Jan Crosbie (Glen Waverley) – 43pts (CB)

DTL#3 – Jan Cousland and Pam Comer (Morack) – 43pts


NTP Hole 3 – Jan Cousland (Morack)

NTP Hole 11 - Elizabeth Peers (Malvern Park)


RANFURLIE GOLF COURSE - Monday 7 August 2023

60 players enjoyed a beautiful day playing for the Beverley Mannix trophy on Ranfurlie course. The course was in very good condition. Following the game, 3 more guests attended for lunch - including our Life Member Beverley Mannix who presented the Silver Slaver to the winners. 


 Sandra Stott (Oakleigh) & Glenis Foxall (Mornington) with 50pts

Runners Up:

Petula Dunn (new member Centenary Park) and Pamela Yardney (Huntingdale) with 49pts

DTL#1 - Gail Gillespie and Gayle Neville (Centenary Park) - 48pts

DTL#2 - Jan Cheers and Julie Servante (Centenary Park) - 44pts

DTL#3 - Patricia Sim and Adrian Taylor (Box Hill) - 42pts

NTP Hole 7 - Debra Sal (Centenary Park)

NTP Hole 15 - Elizabeth Peers (Malvern Park)


ROWVILLE LAKES - Monday 5th June

On a fine Winter's day, 46 members played at Rowville Lakes. The course was a bit damp in places; everyone soldiered on and completed their 18 holes of golf followed by lunch and presentations.

WinnersGin Lim and Liz Chow of Creekside with 38 pts


Runners Up: Lesley Free and Patricia Sim of Box Hill with 34 pts

DTL 1 - Nelie Houting and Gwen Rowe (Creekside) - 33 pts

DTL 2 - Pam Parrish and Gwen Rowe (Creekside) - 32 pts

NTP Hole 6 (2nd shot) - Wendy Hunter (Glen Waverley)

NTP Hole 10 - Julie Hadj (Morack)

KEYSBOROUGH - Monday 1 May 2023


The weather was fine and warm at Keysborough where 52 players enjoyed a well presented course with challenges.  Keysborough management forewarned that United Energy would turn off the power for most of the day - but that didn't stop us from having a great day. A delicious array of sandwiches and desserts were served and enjoyed by all.

Winners: Kerrin Delbridge (The Dunes) & Jenny Bramich (Churchill/Waverley)

with 45 pts 

Runners Up: Dianne Hebbard & Elizabeth Robinson (Eastern Sward) with 39 points

DTL #1 Johanna O'Reilly (Box Hill) and Glenis Foxall (Mornington) - 38 pts

DTL #2 Jan Crosbie and Debra Sal (Glen Waverley) - 37pts

DTL #3 Robin Weaver and Maree Renowden (Centenary Park) - 37pts

DTL#4 Susan Gaylard (Burnley) and Guelda Cope (Camberwell) - 37pts

NTP 8th Hole - Jill Opie (Box Hill);  Jo Kelly (Malvern Park) NTP on the 12th Hole.



KEW - Monday 3 April 2023

The weather was fine and sunny for the 28 members who played at Kew. The course was in good condition considering the flooding of many fairways last year.

The lunch was delicious and views from the dining room quite spectacular.

The winning team was Lesley Free & Patricia Sim  of Box Hill on a count-back

with 40pts








Runners Up were Jan Cousland and Helen Jones of Morack with 40pts

DTL #1 - Pamela Yardney of Huntingdale and Barbara Phelan of Brighton - 40pts

DTL #2 Fran Meijer of Burnley and Susan Wood of Wodonga with 39pts

NTP Hole 18 - Susan Wood of Wodonga;  NTP Hole 18 - Jill Opie of Box Hill.




BOX HILL - Friday 10 March 2023 (60th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION)

Our first game for 2023 was played at Box Hill golf course on a beautiful sunny day. Several high scores indicated that the course was in top condition. 86 players enjoyed a lovely chicken involtini lunch whilst a roll-through video of 60 years of SWGAV played in the background. Our Life Members - Beverley Mannix and Alina Skoutarides cut the dessert cakes and several draws for prizes made the day.

Winning team - Michelle Sherlock & Lorraine Ritchie of Centenary Park with

44 points on a countback.


Runners Up - Debra Powell & Anne Briner of Centenary Park with 44 points

DTL (1) - Gerardine Mitchell and Jo Miles of Box Hill : 44 points

DTL (2) - Jill Opie and Sylvia Harris of Box Hill : 43 points

DTL (3) - Lesley Free and Myra Fisher of Box Hill : 42 points

DTL (4) - Jeanette Bravo and Coralie Higgins of Glen Waverley : 41 points

Straightest drive was Myra Fisher (Box Hill); Longest drive was Susan Wood (Wodonga)

NTP's were Liz Telford of Box Hill and Jenny Eddy of Glen Waverley

Myra Fisher (Box Hill GC) and Kerryn Delbridge (The Dunes GC) won 2 x vouchers to play at Southern Golf Club





WATERFORD VALLEY - Monday 7 November
Our last game for 2022 was played at Waterford Valley golf course in Knoxfield.

82 players enjoyed the sunshine, although the course still had wet areas from the huge amount of rain which fell in October. Unfortunately, Waterford Valley has no score recording facilities; therefore, all handicaps and scores needed to be worked out manually on the day. Thanks to Jenny Ward and Geraldine Biggs for their time and expertise in helping with this task.

Our life member Bev Mannix and long-time members Jan Robertson and Pamela Yardney joined us for lunch at our Annual General meeting.

After all the lucky number prizes were handed out, our Silver Salver was presented to Anne Briner and Debra Powell who were the winners on the day - their names will be engraved on the trophy.

Winning teamAnne Briner & Debra Powell (Centenary Park) with 43pts 
Runners Up – Robyn Mackwell & Catherine Walker (Morack) with 40pts c/b 
DTL 1 – Jan Stone (Malvern Park) Jill Chapman (East Bentleigh YWCA) - 40pts 
DTL 2 – Anne Kerr & Heather Barwick (Box Hill) - 38pts
DTL 3 – Jane Cook & Maree Renowden (Centenary Park) - 38pts

DTL 4 – Jenny Ward (Churchill/Waverley) and Geraldine Biggs (Riversdale) - 38 pts

NTP Hole 5 – Jan Cheers (Centenary Park)
NTP Hole 13 – Jill Opie (Box Hill)
5 pens were given to the Birdie and Gobbler winners.


I am happy to say we had a lovely day to end our 2022 season.

Jenny Bramich – Captain SWGAV.

Our next game, which is also our Diamond Anniversary will be at Southern Golf Club on Friday 10th March 2023 as a once off to allow for pennant teams to participate. Shotgun starting time is 8am.


Box Hill - Monday 3 October
60 players enjoyed a game in the sunshine; the course was in reasonable condition given the amount of rain recently.

Winning Team - Myra Fisher and Anne Kerr (Box Hill) with 44pts (CB)
Runners Up - Faye Wiseman and Jane Cook (Centenary Park) with 44pts
DTL 1: Debra Sal and Jing Hu (Glen Waverley) - 43pts 
DTL 2: Jenny Bramich (Churchill/Waverley) and Helen Jones (Morack) - 41pts
DTL 3: Bhagu Patel and Elizabeth Peers (Malvern Park) - 41pts
DTL 4: Guelda Cope (Camberwell) and Susan Gaylard (Burnley) - 41pts
NTP - hole 9 - Joan Donegan (Peninsular/Kingswood)
NTP - hole 17 - Elice McLaren (Wodonga)

Centenary Park Golf Club - Monday 5 September

Once again, the ladies put on a lovely lunch and players enjoyed their day.

Winning team: Jacqueline Manche (Yering Meadows) & Liza Ollaik (Eastern)

with 35 pts

Runners Up: Diana Huf and Yvonne Daniel (Churchill/Waverley) - 34 pts

DTL1: Sharon O'Brien (Morack) and Elizabeth Robinson (Eastern Sward) - 33pts (cb)

DTL2: Myra fisher (Box Hill) and Sandra Roll (Centenary Park) - 33 pts

DTL3: Robin Weaver and Shirley Hanna (Centenary Park) - 32pts.

NTP: Jenny Low (Mornington)

NTP: Barbara Gray (Morack).


Southern Golf Club - Monday 1st August

The fine weather prevailed and carts were available to those members who requested them. Members played on a relatively dry course and the lunch provided was enjoyable. 
The game was 4BBB - the Beverley Mannix annual event.  Beverley Mannix had the pleasure of presenting the Trophy to the winning team, Rhonda Pelzer (Centenary Park) and Eva Chiaravalle (Glen Waverley) with a score of 48 pts.

Other winners on the day were:

Runners Up:
Gayle Neville and Debra Powell of Centenary Park (47)

Down the line 3 ,4, 5, 6:
Myra Fisher and Elizabeth McGibbon of Box Hill (45);

Sylvia Harris and Virginia Holloway of Box Hill (44);

Johanna O'Reilly and Susan Anderson of Box Hill (44);

Glenis Foxall of Mornington and Susan Wood of Wodonga (43).

Nearest the Pin: on 12: Susan Gaylard of Burnley.

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