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The idea behind etiquette is to give everyone a chance to play their best, compete fairly and have fun. Golf etiquette is a mixture of common sense and courtesy.   Every golfer regardless of experience or level of play will be expected to abide by the same code of behaviour. 

Every golfer regardless of experience or level of play will be expected to abide by the same code of behaviour. Even when you step onto a golf course for the first time, there will be an expectation that you understand and observe the code of behaviour. 



Safety and Consideration for Others


Safety and consideration are commonsense, but take note of the following:


  • Before playing a stroke or taking a practice swing, always ensure that no-one is in your line of play or near your swing path.

  • If your ball is headed towards someone else, shout “FORE”, golf’s universal warning, as loudly as possible.

  • Course staff have right of way.  Proceed with caution.

  • Try not to move, talk or create any disturbance or noise while another person is about to play.

  • Ensure mobile phones are turned off, or on silent.

  • Do not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play.

  • Be careful not to stand on or damage other players’ lines of putt and that your shadow does not distract others.

  • Remain near the putting green until all players in your group have holed out, unless your group is a long way behind the group in front.

  • Sand buckets must be carried at all times and divots repaired, including those in the rough.

  • Before leaving a bunker, repair the sand with the rake provided and replace the rake to where you picked it up.

  • Carefully repair any ball marks made on the green.



Avoid Slow Play


  • Players are requested to be ready 10 minutes before the scheduled tee time.

  • While a member of the group is searching for a lost ball, the other Members of the group should play their shot.

  • Mark your scorecard while other players are teeing off.

  • Be ready to proceed to your ball immediately the last player in your group has hit her tee shot.

  • Approach your ball without delay and be ready to hit - if not in the path of your fellow players.    

  • If you do not see your ball land, play a provisional ball, to avoid having to go back and play the shot again.

  • When approaching the green, park your buggy/cart towards the next tee.  This will allow a quick exit from the green.   DO NOT PARK YOUR BUGGY IN FRONT OF THE GREEN WHILE PUTTING.

  • Do not putt out if you cannot better your partner’s score.

  • Remember your position in the field is immediately behind the players in front, not in front of the players behind.



Dress Code:


Neat tailored golfing attire must be worn on the course. Blouses and shirts must be tucked into the waistband of slacks, shorts and skirts, unless they are tailored or specifically designed to be worn out to hip length. 

If the Melbourne weather forecast at 7am on the day of play is predicted to be 35 deg Celsius or higher, the competition will be reduced to nine holes on that day.



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