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This exclusive golfers' Association
is open to..... 

1.     Ladies aged 55 years or over,  and


2.     Currently have a registered handicap and GolfLink number.

3.     If you have any questions about Membership, call Patricia Sim on 

        0417 517 193 or drop her an email at 

        Otherwise, continue with Point 3 below.



3.     Go to the dropdown menu above under "Membership" and

        click on "Membership Application Form"


4.     Complete the Entry Form and click on the "Apply Now" box

         at the bottom of the form.   
         Your entry will go directly through to our Membership

         Officer, Patricia Sim, who will then contact you.   



5.     Transmit your payment of $30 being your 3 years membership fee.
         Payment details as shown on 
the Membership
         Application form . 

6.      Once your application has been accepted, your Membership 

          will be confirmed by Patricia.

For further enquiries about Senior Women Golfers' Association of Victoria, go to the "Contacts" page on this website, type in your enquiry with your details, and we will respond promptly.

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